Planning Maestro - Retained Earnings / Balance Sheet Variances

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Retained Earnings can be affected by a number of things and requires understanding no only how the calculation is done, but also who is making the calculation.


1. For Cloud GLs during the integration process the adjustment to Retained Earnings is calculated

2. For GLs that CDI is pulling summary information from, the balance is derived from the source

3. For QuickBooks Desktop and Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT, Retained Earnings values are posted in PM as Manual Adjustments



In a scenario where the raw Retained Earnings data is correct, but is off by seemly random amount in the Preview or Reports the issue is likely due to the Balancing Entry Settings


The Balancing Entry in the Plan Deployment should be set to Undesignated (Balance Entry) when dealing with multiple companies or where ODI is calculating retained earnings. Also the GLSource Dimension needs to have Retained Earnings calculation disabled. 


It should be set to the client's Retained Earnings account when dealing with a single company, but when there are multiple it should be Undesignated so that the Balancing Entry is not included on reports based off Account Number hierarchies. 

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