Installing Analytics Maestro

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When installing Analytics Maestro to your local Excel, please perform the following steps:

  1. Confirm that you have permission to install software at your organization. You may need to refer this document to your internal IT team.
  2. After clicking the download link for Analytics Maestro, you should see this download status bar at the bottom of your web browser: mceclip0.png
  3. Once the download is complete, you should see it in your Downloads folder on your PC: mceclip1.png
  4. Double click to open, you should get this window, click "More info": mceclip2.png
  5. Click “Run anyway”: mceclip3.png
  6. You will be prompted with this setup window, click "Setup": mceclip4.png
  7. This will take you through various prompts to Accept and Install.
  8. Once completed, navigate to the Centage Analytics Maestro file in your Downloads folder, right-click and select Extract All: mceclip5.png
  9. After Extract All, you should get the following prompt. Right-click and select "Run as administrator" (Your IT may have to complete installation if you have no Administrator rights): mceclip6.png
  10. After completing a series of prompts and installs, the download closes out. *Enter in your organization name and a Username of your choosing during this install process (this is separate from your Analytics Maestro license activation in Excel).
  11. Open up your local Excel and you should see the Analytics Maestro Add-in in Excel. Click the "Analytics Maestro" tab and then "About Analytics Maestro".mceclip8.png
  12. Continue in your "Welcome to Analytics Maestro" email with license activation and cube connection instructions.


If you are experiencing any issues with your Analytics Maestro installation, license activation, or cube connection, please submit a ticket in our Maestro Help Hub portal for assistance, with screenshots of the issue that you are experiencing. 

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