Locating the Data Modeler Module

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Planning Maestro has five modules:

The Data Modeler module enables you to upload data from your accounting system, set up the "model" or structure for your budgets and reports, and deploy or publish data to the rest of Planning Maestro.

This document shows you, a Planning Maestro user, how to open the Data Modeler module.

Click on the icon in the top left navigation bar to see the module menu and select  Data Data Modeler.

The Data Modeler landing page opens.

Data Modeler Quick View

Data Modeler has four primary functions.

  1. Connect shows profile connection.  You may also change to connect to other profiles (as applicable) and view summary details of the profiles. See Connecting and Managing a Profile
  2. Model offer links to pages where you can manage Base Structures and Dimensions.  See Managing Base Structures and Managing Dimensions
  3. Deploy opens the Deploy Data page where you can create and edit existing plan deploy settings.  While most companies use a single plan, you have the ability to create multiple plans to use in Planning Maestro as desired.  All resources created in the other modules are plan-specific. See Redeploying Plans
  4. Source Data allows you to upload CIF files, indicate preferences for handling data updates from uploaded data and the option to clear uploaded data. See Managing Source Data.

Connecting and Managing a Profile

Planning Maestro automatically connects to your Profile when accessing Data Modeler. If you have more than one profile, Data Modeler will connect to the most recently-used profile for your user id.

To change the selected Profile from the Connect box, click on the dropdown menu to select desired Profile.

Click Manage Profiles to edit Profile information or view synopsis information. 

The Profiles page opens.

Profiles Page Quick View

There are two action panels on the Profiles page. The left panel displays a list of existing profiles. These are shown as Profile Cards.  In this panel, you can create a New Profile, change the connected Profile, select a Profile to edit the Name or Description, or delete a Profile. Once a Profile card is selected, the Profile Synopsis is displayed in the right panel.  Here you can change the Name and/or Description or just view synopsis information about data that has been uploaded to the Profile.   This information includes a listing of base structures, GL source(s), date range of data loaded to the profile as well as information pertaining to any data uploads that occurred in the previous 24 hour period.



Profile Card

Profiles are displayed as cards that display several important characteristics as detailed below.

  • Profile Name
  • Profile Description (Optional)
  • GLSources

There are two actions that you can complete from a Profile Card, you can

  • Connect to the profile
  • Delete the profile. This action is permanent and does require that the user type the word "DELETE".

Change Connected Profile 

The profile which holds the current connection shows Connected.  To change the selected profile on the Profiles page, click the Connect button on the card for the desired profile. The button changes to show Connected as the status for that Profile.

Example.png Example: If you would like to Connect to the Advanced Company Profile click the Connect Button on the Advanced Company Profile Card.

Profile Synopsis

Once a Profile card is selected, the right panel displays information about the selected Profile and allows you to change the Name and/or Description  This information displayed includes a listing of base structures, GL source(s), date range of data loaded to the profile as well as information pertaining to any data uploads that occurred in the previous 24 hour period.

Info.png Please Note: If data has not been uploaded to the Profile in the previous 24 hour period, the Last Upload section is not displayed in the Profile Synopsis.



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