2024 Release Notes

We're transitioning to a new User Interface, and are in the process of updating Help Hub content to match the new interface.

As of the latest product release, the Centage Product Development team will have made the following updates and improvements:

July 10, 2024:

UI/UX Enhancements

  • Updated format for Headers iReports List, Version Locking, Job Status, and Audit Log

June 20, 2024:

Scheduled Plan Deployment for Enterprise Subscribers

Centage Enterprise plan users now have the ability to schedule plan deployments daily or weekly:

  • Daily based on a one-hour time window
  • Weekly based on a selected day and a one-hour time window

When scheduled plan deployment is enabled, Centage will display the information needed for you to select your plan deployment time window. The following information is provided:

  • Latest Data Upload Time
  • Average Plan Deployment Duration

Please Note: Centage recommends scheduling your deployment to start AFTER the latest data upload time shown to avoid potential conflicts

This deployment does not automatically include Base Structure updates.  If there are any Base Structure member changes, you can address these and redeploy your plan manually.

Audit Log

  • A dash has been added between the start date and end date boxes.

Job Status Page

  • A new drop-down box has been added to the Job Status page to allow you to filter jobs to show for a specific user.

May 16, 2024:

UI/UX Enhancements

  • Users do not have to enter email address as case-specific when initiating a Forgot Password request
  • Users will see Centage blog posts in the What's New widget on the Home Page

May 1, 2024:

UI/UX Enhancements

  • Users can click the Plan Name in the Latest Plan Deployment widget to access Deploy Data page.

April 25, 2024:

UI/UX Enhancements

  • New Widget on the Home Page: Latest Source Data Upload shows users the date of the most recent data upload to Centage Profile.
  • New Submenu, Need Help?, for Support section on Navigation Bar allows users to create a support ticket directly from within Centage
  • Icon for Columns on Worksheets changed from Filter to Search
  • Users can download a file that contains details for errors encountered during Import Template process for Worksheets Modules
    • An error report file can be downloaded directly from the failed import notification message within Worksheets at the time of the activity or later from the Job Status page. 
    • This file is available for 48 hours to assist with troubleshooting and resolving issues with failed records.

April 10, 2024:

UI/UX Enhancements

  • Users can select to receive an email notification upon completion of a cube deployment from Modeler.
  • Non-administrator users will see an unlocked icon on the Version Locking page for all unlocked versions.

April 4, 2024:

UI/UX Enhancements

  • New Layout for Reports Page
    • Reports are listed in a table alphabetically by report name, with favorite reports at the top of the list.
    • Options to:
      • Filter by All or Favorite
      • Sort by Report Name, Scope and Type columns
      • Search report names
    • Ability to Favorite, Copy or Delete a report in the action column based on user role permissions.
    • +New Report button provides the ability to create new reports based on user role permissions.

March 27, 2024:

New Tool: Version Locking

  • Allows Budget versions created in Centage to be locked in order to prevent any future changes.
    • To access the tool, select Version Locking from Tools within the left-hand navigation menu.
    • Prevent ALL users from making any changes to the data within the locked version. 
    • Only Administrators have the ability to lock a version.
    • Locked versions can NOT be unlocked.  Users can use the Copy Data tool to copy the locked version to a new budget version member.
    • If a Budget version contains data projections where there are links to other versions, it cannot be locked.

UI/UX Enhancements

  • Ability to right-click on a pinned Quicklink from the Homepage to open a new browser tab.
  • Cube deployment jobs from Modeler will be listed on the Job Status page.

March 20, 2024:

UI/UX Enhancements

  • In the Plan Selection Widget on the Home Page, plan is automatically selected if only one plan exists.

March 12, 2024:

UI/UX Enhancements

  • New Quicklinks Widget on the Homepage
    • Provides the ability for users to customize their Homepage with shortcut links.  Users can pin up to 10 Quicklink selections via the pencil icon in the top left corner of the Quicklinks Widget. Clicking on the pencil icon will open a pop-up containing a list of available Quicklinks to select from.
    • Quicklinks are user-specific, meaning any changes made to Quicklinks by an individual user will have no effect on other account users’ pinned Quicklinks.
    • The Quicklinks Widget is auto-populated with pinned Quicklinks for all existing users for the initial rollout. The default pinned Quicklink selections are based on user role and security settings. Note: Users are able to edit/change the default Quicklinks.
  • Centage logo in header is now a clickable link to the Homepage from anywhere else within the application
  • Individual application page names are now displayed in browser tabs
    • Quick identification of tabbed application pages when working with multiple browser tabs
    • Previously all browser tabs displayed the title “PLANNING MAESTRO”
  • New user interface for login and session timeout screens

February 27, 2024:

UI/UX Enhancements

  • New Consistent Home Page 
    • Serves as the first page you see upon logging into Centage. This page provides important and timely information while you are using the application. It can also be accessed from any point within the program by clicking on the Home menu icon in the left-side navigation menu or the Current Plan Link in the Header.
    • Previously users landed in the landing page of the module they were in when they exited their last session.
  • What’s New Widget
      • The What’s New widget will display information from Centage regarding products, marketing and promotions.
      • Previously the What’s New Widget was located on the Dashboard
  • Plan Selection Widget
        • The Plan Selection widget will display the current plan. If multiple plans exist the selected can be changed within the drop-down.  Depending on the user’s security settings, the current profile may also be displayed as text.
        • Previously the current plan and the plan drop down was located on each module’s landing page.
  • Current Plan Link in Header
        • Displayed in the Header from any page within the application as a link back to the Plan Selection Widget on the Home Page to allow users with multiple plans to quickly change the plan.
        • Previously the currently selected plan name was not displayed when the user was not on one of the module landing pages.
  • Latest Plan Deployment Widget
        • The Latest Plan Deployment widget will display the plan name, deployment date, deployment time and status for the most recent plan deployment.
        • Previously this information was only available to users with security configured with access to the Deploy Plan page accessed via the Data Modeler landing page.
  • Latest Cube Deployment Widget
        • The Latest Plan Deployment widget will display the plan name, deployment date, deployment time and status for the most recent cube deployment.
        • Previously this information was only available to users with security configured with access to the Deploy Cube page accessed via the Data Tools section of the Financial Intelligence Setup landing page
  • New Main Menu in Left Hand Navigation Panel
        • The main menu in the left hand navigation is static and can be accessed from any page in the application.  The menu consists of the applications Modules and their sub-menus.  To optimize efficiency, users are able to navigate with one click from any page within the application to a sub-menu item.
        • Previously the left hand navigation menu would change depending on which module the user was currently in and sub-menu items could only be accessed by first navigating to a module’s landing page via an icon.
  • Data Modeler module was renamed to Modeler and contains the following sub-menu items:
        • Profile(s)
        • Source Data
        • Base Structures
        • Dimensions
        • Deploy Plan
  • Planning module was renamed to Worksheets and contains the following sub-menu items:
        • Operating Expenses
        • Revenue
        • Personnel
        • Drivers
        • Adjustments
  • Financial Intelligence Setup module was renamed to Automation and contains the following sub-menu items:
        • Spread Methods
        • Increase / Decrease Methods
        • Allocation Methods
        • Tiered Rates
        • Default Settings
        • Payment Schedules
        • Receivable Schedules
        • Work / Pay Schedules
        • Recognition Schedules
  • Tools is a new Main Menu item containing the following sub-menu items
        • Copy Data / What If?
        • Clear Data
        • Quick Assign
        • Quick Start
        • Deploy Cube
        • Forecast
        • Audit Log
        • Job Status
        • Workflow (if enabled)
        • Formerly Data Tools sub-menus located within the Planning and Financial Intelligence Setup modules
        • Contains Audit Log and the Job Status page formerly in the Header menu as icons
        • Contains Workflow if enabled
  • Reports Main Menu item contains the following sub-menu items:
        • Report List
        • Charts and Graphs
  • Dashboard has been renamed Charts and Graphs is a submenu item of the Reports Main Menu item
  • New Setup Menu in lower portion of the left hand navigation panel contains links to functionality that was previously located within the Header menu and contains the following menu items:
    • Support
    • Settings
    • (User) Profile 
    • Logout
  • Security within the Settings menu has been updated to reflect the changes to the module names and locations
  • Audit Log within the Tools menu has been updated to reflect the changes to the module names
  • Job Status Page has been updated to reflect the changes to the module names

February 7, 2024:

  • Enhancement to display an account’s user license count on the Users Screen in the Settings menu. If there are no licenses remaining, the option to send a pre-populated email to the Account Manager requesting additional licenses, will be displayed.
  • Enhancement to display an account’s Account Manager and Customer Success Manager contact information on the Account screen in the Settings Menu.
  • Replaced Centage Logo and Favicon in Browser Tabs.
  • Enhancement to populate the Hierarchy Top Node name with the Dimension name to make Dimension naming behavior in Reports and Planning more consistent.

January 24, 2024:

  • When a user refreshes the screen in Data Maintenance, they will no longer see "Please connect to source to display information".

January 10, 2024:

  • Optimization to the Process of Deploying Transactions to Cube.
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