Editing Data Projections (Line Items) Manually in Planning

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The Planning applications enable you to build your budget. They include Operating ExpensesRevenuePersonnelDrivers, and Adjustments.

When you enter budgetary line items into each application, you can enter a total Amount divided by a Spread Method.

Example.png Example: $12,000 as the Amount for a year using the Even Spread Method ($1,000/month).


You can also enter individual amounts for each period, quarter, or year.

Example.png Example: You could enter $200 for Period 1, $350 for Period 2, $500 for Period 3, and so on.


Editing Data Projections (line items) manually enables you to spread out an amount with individual, inconsistent amounts over a time period, instead of using a Spread Method (which is automatic, but more uniform).

Info.png Please Note: You and other users can edit individual amounts. You can also reverse your edits and return to the original amount (see below).

Locating the Planning Applications

To edit line items manually in Planning, open the Planning module and select one of the applications.

Info.png Please Note: This document uses the Revenue application as an example. You can use these steps to manually edit line items in any application.


The application opens.


Editing Amounts

You can tell an amount is editable if it displays in blue (as opposed to the read-only black).

To edit an amount, double-click on the field and enter the new amount.


After you edit the amount and click away, the text of the edited amount changes from blue to purple. This text remains purple for you and other users who access this application unless you change it back to the original amount (see below).

Reversing Edits

To undo your own or another user’s customized change(s) so that the amount returns to the original amount (the portion of the main amount as divided by the Spread Method), double-click on the field, press Delete, and then press Enter.


  • The original amount appears.
  • The text turns from purple back to blue.


If every single period amount for this line item has been manually edited, repeat this process to return the period amounts to the original amounts (Amount spread out by the Spread Method).

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