CIF Upload Error - Error 406

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Error 406 can be caused by a number of issues:


  • The file name does not match what PM is expecting:

AccountTransactions_CIF_V1_<datetime in this format:  YYYYMMDDhhmmss>.csv


  • Multiple Uploads were initiated in series and there is a process already running

If a 406 was received for a known working client, check Sumo to see if multiple requests were initiated. Recommended command:

_sourcehost=production "[ACCT:<Client Subdomain>]" ("c.c.controller.UploadCIFController - Incoming request for" or "Total Time Taken for uploadMultipart") | parse "[RID:*]" as request | transactionize request


  • Invalid files were present in the upload directory

CDI will upload all .csv files present within the Upload directory. 


**Potentially more

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