Troubleshooting: Reenabling the Analytics Maestro Ribbon for Excel

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When you open Microsoft Excel after Excel didn't close correctly or the Analytics Maestro add-in took too long to load, Excel disables the Analytics Maestro ribbon. If you experience this error, use the following steps to reenable it.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Excel and click the File tab in the top left.

Step 2: The File panel opens. Select Options in the bottom left.


Step 3: The Options window opens. Select Add-ins from the bottom left.


Step 4: In the Add-ins window, click the dropdown menu next to Manage and select Disabled Items. Click Go...


Step 5: In the Disabled Items list, click on the Analytics Maestro Add-in and click Enable.AM_step_4_disabled_enabled.PNG

Step 6: The Add-ins window reopens. Click on the dropdown menu next to Manage and select COM Add-ins. Click Go...


Step 7: In the list of COM Add-ins, mark the checkbox next to Analytics Maestro Add-in and click OK. AM_step_6_COM_Addin_checkbox.PNG


The Analytics Maestro add-in should now reappear at the top of your Excel worksheet.

Please Note: If you are still having trouble with reenabling Analytics Maestro in Excel, please submit a ticket to Centage Support.

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