SSO QuickStart Guide (Start Here)


SSO (Single Sign On) authentication lets you access your company’s applications and websites with a single set of login credentials. Centage has now enabled you to include Planning Maestro in their SSO solution.

You can add Planning Maestro to your company’s SSO solution if you use any SAML 2.0 compliant identity providers, including:

  • Okta
  • OneLogin
  • RSASecurID
  • Idaptive
  • Ping
  • Azure AD
  • CA Technologies
  • ... (and many more. Ask Centage Support.)

Your company needs a designated SSO Admin user who can set up SSO for your company.

This document gives you a QuickStart Guide to setting up SSO for your company.

Step 1: Contact your Centage Account Manager to purchase this feature and enable SSO for your company. Tell your Account Manager the name and email address of the user who should be the SSO Admin, or the user who sets up SSO. The SSO Admin can be the Administrator or a non-Administrator.

Best_practice_icon.png Please Note: A best practice is to ask an IT specialist to be your SSO Admin.

Step 2: When your Account Manager enables SSO for your account, the Centage Administrator and SSO Admin receive emails with login instructions. The SSO Admin should use one of the following documents to add Planning Maestro to your SSO solution, depending on which SSO provider your company uses:

(Use the document that corresponds with your SSO provider).

Step 3: After adding Planning Maestro to your SSO solution, use Setting up SSO in Planning Maestro to enable SSO in your company’s Planning Maestro account. 


If you experience any issues with SSO, please contact your company's SSO Admin and have them double-check the permissions configuration between your SSO Provider and Planning Maestro.

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