Reports are not showing fresh/new/updated Actuals

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Below is a list of things to check to understand where the breakdown/root cause to why reports are not seeing fresh/new/updated actuals.


Troubleshooting Steps (in order of data flow)

  • Check the Profile Synopsis page to see if there has been any files uploaded?

If there has been no uploads, you need research on how PM is getting fresh actuals (CDI or ODI, is the client uploading CIF files manually...)

  • Check that there are no Pending changes/additions in the Modeler. 

If there are pending changes/additions in the Modeler, that will prevent information tied to them from flowing into the Plan or Cube

  • Check that the Account Number dimension being used in the deployment, has Account Groups assigned. 

If accounts are left as Undesignated then Planning Maestro does not know how to calculate information appropriately (should the account be treated as a BS or IS account, is it a natural sign or reversed....)

  • Check that your Plan has been deployed since the last upload

If the Plan has not bee deployed then fresh/new/updated data will not be present

  • Check that your Cube has been deployed after the last Plan deploy

If the cube is being deployed, but the plan is not, only the data in the plan will exist in the cube and nothing since the last plan deployment will be brought over. 

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