NetSuite - Pulling from the PostingTransactionSummary endpoint taking much longer than expected

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When pulling from the NetSuite sandbox it was taking X amount of time to pull their transactions. However after connecting to their production company it is taking Y amount of time which is much longer than when we previously pulled. 


Example: Client sandbox had 2k records and it took ~10 seconds to run

Production contained ~20k transactions and it was taking ~2 hours. 


It would not be expected it would take hundreds of times slower when pulling from production. 



The issue was caused by our access to NetSuite being limited. Not sure exactly why, but it seems as though in order to retrieve data from the PostingTransactionSummary endpoint it has to query the Subisidaires and perform a search and because we did not have access it was attempting to do the same search over and over. 


The Centage Integration role was set to User Access for Subsidiary, and our user was only limited to the single Subsidiary. Changing the role to All allowed the 20k transactions to be pulled within 26 seconds. 

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