SFTP Integration for Centage Data Integrator (CDI)

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1 – Introduction

For clients without Windows environments to run our Centage Data Integrator (CDI) tool, Centage offers an SFTP Integration Path. 

This SFTP Integration Path requires that  your organization create CIF files for upload to Planning Maestro. It is important to note that the SFTP upload can not be performed until CIF files have been created. 

Also note that proper CIF file formatting is especially important for SFTP uploads.

You can find detailed information about CIF files and how they need to be formatted in this guide article - Creating CIF Files


2- SFTP Configuration

Once your CIF files have been created, they can be uploaded to our SFTP Instance.

The method used to upload the files to the SFTP Instance is up to you. This can be accomplished with an SFTP client application or SFTP scripting. 

During your Integration setup process our Integration team will provide you with an SFTP instance specific to your organization. Our team will provide you with the SFTP URL, Login Credentials and Port information during your integration and onboarding process. 

If you have questions about the SFTP URL, Login Credentials or Port information, you can reach out to us at support@centage.com and we can assist. 


3- Next Steps

Once you have uploaded CIF files via SFTP for the first time. Please inform our team and we will begin finalizing the integration for Planning Maestro. 

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