Centage Data Integrator (CDI) Uploading Data Manually

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This guide will cover how to upload data with Centage Data Integrator (CDI) manually.

For QuickBooks users only - Close all QuickBooks windows you have open on your computer or workstation before starting with CDI.

How to perform the manual upload

Launch CDI

Select Load


CDI will open a window where you can select a file to Load.



Select the Preferences file for the company you would like to upload. Then click Open

                What is a Preferences file?

                This is a .xml format file that saves the settings CDI uses to connect to your Planning Maestro instance. Most clients will only have one preferences file. If your integration contains multiple GL Sources, you will have multiple preferences files (like in the screenshot above).

                Where are my Preferences files?

                Preference files can technically be saved to any mapped location. By default they will be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Centage\Centage Data Integrator\Preferences. CDI should open this location by default.

                 What if I have more than one Preferences file?

                 If you have multiple preferences files, each will be for one 'Company' that is being uploaded to Planning Maestro. Repeat the steps below for each Company Preferences file, one at a time.


CDI may take a moment to load the Preferences file and connect to the data source as well as Planning Maestro. Once the tabs at the top are available again, click on Extract Data


In the Extract Data window, all appropriate fields should be pre-filled. Click the Generate Files button at the bottom.


The files may take some time to generate depending on your data volume and data source. Wait for all files to be generated and have a green check mark next to them.


CDI will display a message when all files have been generated, click OK on this message.


Next, click on the Upload tab


On the Upload tab, all appropriate fields should be pre-filled. Click the Upload button.


A window will come up with the upload status. This window sometimes cannot accurately estimate the time remaining for the upload. So if the Green Bar appears full the upload is likely still in process. Please wait for CDI to display the 'Upload Successful' message. If CDI encounters an error, it will display an error message. 


An example of an upload still in process;


An example of what CDI should say when the upload has completed. 


For some clients, Uploads can take some time to run. Please wait for CDI to display the 'Upload Successful' message before attempting another upload.


Once CDI has confirmed the upload was successful you will have updated data in Planning Maestro. You may need to re-deploy your Data Plan in order to see the changes in Reports.


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