Centage Data Integration for Sage Intacct

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Planning Maestro enables you to upload current data from your accounting or ERP system to analyze or use in your budget. After you set up an integration between Planning Maestro and your accounting system, Planning Maestro can extract data every night to use for the next day.


 Planning Maestro can integrate with many accounting systems, including Sage Intacct.

This Implementation guide shows you, a Planning Maestro Administrator, how to authorize Centage to access your General Ledger data in Intacct.


Integration Overview

Centage’s integration can pull in core General Ledger structures and information from Intacct. It extracts data every night to ensure fresh data is populated into Planning Maestro for the following day.

You can also include also Transaction Details and Budgeting data (optional).

Info.png Please Note: Including optional data may impact the integration’s performance, depending on data volume, and is excluded unless you request otherwise.


We extract the following information:

  • General Ledger Dimensions (Standard)
  • Class
  • Customer
  • Department
  • Entity
  • Item
  • Location
  • Project
  • Vendor

General Ledger Transaction Details (Optional)

Fields that would be available in Excel Drill-through in addition to the Dimensions above

  • Batch_title
  • Document
  • Recordtype
  • Entrydescription
  • Prdescription
Info.png Please Note: You can relabel the fields above. These are standard Dimensions in Intacct. If the Dimension you use is not in the list above, it could be a relabeled standard dimension or it is a custom User Defined Dimension. Please let us know if you do not see something you expect.


Prerequisites for Access

Subscribe to Web Services

Add your company’s Sender ID to Sage Intacct’s allowed list.

Step 1: Company > Subscriptions.

Step 2: Find Web Services and click on it to Subscribe.

Step 3: Ignore the warning about additional charges.

Info.png Please Note: Since Centage is an approved marketplace partner with Intacct, there will be no extra charge.


Add Sender ID

Add Centage’s Sender ID to the allowed list.

Step 1: Company > Company Info.

Step 2: Click Edit.

Step 3: Click on the Security tab.

Step 4: Go to the section labeled Web Services authorizations.

Step 5: Click Add to add the Sender ID, Centage MPP, and set it to active.

Step 6: Save the Web Services Sender Information.

Step 7: Save Company Info.



Create User with Role-Based Security

Create a Role

Create a new user role for the Centage Integration team to use.

 Step 1: Navigate to Company > Admin > Roles.


Step 2: Click Add. Enter the following values for these fields:




Centage Integration


Step 3: Click Save.

Step 4
: Provide Read Only Permissions for each of the following applications/modules:

  • Company
  • General Ledger
  • Order Entry
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Cash Management

 Step 5: Click Save.

Create Web Service User

Create a new user account that will enable the Centage Integration team to set up the integration between your Sage Intacct account and your Planning Maestro account.

Step 1: Company > Admin > Web Service users.


Step 2: Click Add.

Step 3: Enter the following values for these fields to create a special Centage Integration user:

User ID


Last name


First name


Email address


Contact name

Centage Integration

User name


User type


Admin privileges





Step 4: Click on the Roles information tab and select the User Role you created in the previous step.

Step 5: Click Save. Ignore any warning that there will be a charge for creating the User.

Info.png Please Note: Since Centage is an approved marketplace partner with Intacct, there will be no extra charge for this user.


What’s Next?

Centage’s Integration Team will receive an email automatically from Intacct once the user is created. We will confirm permissions have been configured properly and will notify you if any modifications are necessary. No further action will be required at this time unless otherwise requested.  Once the integration has been completed, Centage Consulting will validate the data and will reach out if necessary.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Centage Integration by email at Integration@Centage.com or by phone at 508.948.0048.


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