Videos: Adding, Editing, and Deleting Data Projections (Line Items)

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These videos give you, a Planning Maestro user, an overview of how to add, edit, and delete Data Projections (line items) in the Planning applications (Operating Expenses, Revenue, Personnel, Drivers, and Adjustments).

Best_practice_icon.png Please Note: These video display best when you use 1080p as the quality.

To edit the video quality, click on the Settings icon ( Zendesk_video_settings.png ) in the bottom right and select the value next to Quality (often Auto, or the number for a certain quality).


A menu appears. Select 1080p.


The video quality changes to 1080p.

Adding Data Projections (Line Items)



Editing Data Projections (Line Items)



Deleting Data Projections (Line Items)



Info.png Please Note: For detailed instructions for using the Clear Data tool, see Using the Clear Data Tool.

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