Running an Ad Hoc Report

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Locating Ad Hoc Reports

Refreshing an Ad Hoc Report

Saving an Ad Hoc Report

You can use Planning Maestro to run reports on your Actuals and budget, including Income Statements and Ad Hoc reports. These reports help you analyze your data and plan for future success.

An Ad Hoc report enables you to answer a quick analysis question, such as:

  • With our current budget, what is the total amount we will pay in employee wages next year?
  • How much did a certain product earn in revenue per period and for a full year?

This document shows you, a Planning Maestro user, how to run an Ad Hoc Report.

Locating Ad Hoc Reports

To run an Ad Hoc report, open the Reports module, click on + New Report, and select Ad Hoc Report.


The New Report page opens with a new, unedited report. Use this page to customize your Ad Hoc report.


For detailed instructions for formatting this report, including filteringusing Hierarchies, or exporting to Excel, see Formatting Planning Maestro Reports.

Refreshing an Ad Hoc Report

After making an edit to the report, click the Rerun Report button ( Rerun_report_-_highlighted.png ) to refresh the page and implement those changes.


Info.png Please Note: The Rerun Report button makes it easier for you to make multiple small changes to a report by loading all those changes at once, instead of pausing to load each small change as soon as you make it.

Saving an Ad Hoc Report

After formatting your Ad Hoc report, save your view

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