Running a Cash Flow Report

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Locating Cash Flow Reports

Running a Cash Flow Report

Refreshing Your Cash Flow Report

Saving Your Cash Flow Report

In Planning Maestro, you can run reports to analyze the data from your budgets for Operating Expenses, Revenue, Personnel, Drivers, and Adjustments.

One of these reports is your Cash Flow report, which displays the inflows and outflows of cash in an accounting period.

This document shows you, a Planning Maestro user, how to run a Cash Flow report in Planning Maestro.

Locating Cash Flow Reports

To run a Cash Flow report, open the Reports module, click on + New Report, and select Cash Flow.

Best_practice_icon.png Please Note: To open a Cash Flow report with preformatted settings, you can also select Shared Reports from the landing page.


Info.png Please Note: If this is the first time you run the Cash Flow report, you may see a message requesting you to redeploy this Plan.

If you see this message, open the Data Modeler, redeploy the identified Plan, and then return to this page.


Running a Cash Flow Report

Your Cash Flow Report opens.


For detailed instructions about formatting this report, including filtering, using Hierarchies, or exporting to Excel, see Formatting Planning Maestro Reports.

Refreshing the Report

Any time you edit the report, click the Rerun Report button ( Rerun_report_-_highlighted.png ) to refresh the page and implement those changes.


Info.png Please Note: The Rerun Report makes it easier for you to make multiple small changes to a report by loading all those changes at once, instead of pausing to load each small change.

Saving Your Report

After formatting your Cash Flow report, save your view

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