Centage Data Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Planning Maestro enables you to upload current data from your accounting or ERP system to analyze or use in your budget. After you set up an integration between Planning Maestro and your accounting system, Planning Maestro can extract data every night to use for the next day.


Planning Maestro can integrate with many accounting systems, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

This Implementation guide shows you, a Planning Maestro and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Administrator, how to authorize Centage to access your General Ledger data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Integration Overview

Centage provides standard integration which includes core General Ledger structures and information. Data extraction is scheduled nightly to ensure fresh data is populated into Planning Maestro for the following day.

We extract the following information:

  1. General Ledger Transactions
  2. All General Ledger Dimensions that are in use


The Centage integration process is comprised of several steps.  We must first ensure we can connect to Dynamics 365 Business Central and pull data. To do this, we require the following:

  1. Company Name
  2. A User Account

The above information can be provided to Centage Integration by emailing Support@Centage.com. Once Centage’s Integration Team confirms access, a new project will be created for your organization and will handle processing the data, which would be then accessible in our Centage tools such as Planning Maestro.

Retrieve OData V4 URL

Retrieve the second required piece of information, your company’s OData V4 URL.

Step 1: Navigate to Web Services. Search for Web Services by using the search icon in the top bar.

Step 2: Use the Search field to locate Object Name Chart of Accounts.

Step 3: Right-click and copy the value in the column: ODATA V4 URL.


Create User

Create a user account that the Centage Integration team can use to set up the integration.

Step 1: Create a user with a Dynamics 365 Business Central license. Depending on how your Dynamics system is configured this user may have to be created by your IT team in your active directory system and assigned a license for Dynamics 365 Business Central as well as specific Permissions within Dynamics. This can not be a Guest user. If possible please set the Contact Email on the Dynamics integration user to Integration@centage.com 
Search for Users by using the search icon in the top bar.

Step 2: Click on New.

Step 3: Enter the following:

  • Full Name: Centage Integration
  • User Name: Integration
  • State: Enabled
  • Contact Email: Integration@centage.com

Step 4: Restrict user access by going to the Effective Permissions tab. Please use the following permissions.  Please note:  We only read from this general ledger, though the Execute permission is required in some instances.

  • CodeUnit - All objects of type Codeunit
  • Page - Chart Of Accounts: Execute
  • Query - Dimension Set Entries: Execute
  • Query - G/L Budget Entries: Execute
  • Query - G/L Entries: Execute
  • Table - Dimension: Execute
  • Table - G/L Accounts: Execute
  • TableData - Dimension: Read
  • TableData - Dimension Set Entry: Read
  • TableData - Dimension Translation: Read
  • TableData - Dimension Value: Read
  • TableData - G/L Account: Read
  • TableData - G/L Budget Entry: Read
  • TableData - G/L Entry: Read
  • TableData - General Ledger Setup: Read
  • TableData - Page Data Personalization: Read
  • TableData - Tenant License State: Read
  • TableData - User Login: Read
  • TableData - User Property: Read
  • TableData - User Plan: Read
  • TableData - Upgrade Tags: Read

You can find the Effective Permissions section in Dynamics 365 Business Central by using the Search function in the top left of the Dynamics 365 home screen and searching for Effective Permissions, it should appear as one of the suggested options. 

If you do not see the Effective Permissions option within Business Central it may not be enabled for your Business Central User. In that case you may need a Business Central Administrator to make the changes to permissions. 


What’s Next?

After you complete the steps above, a member of the Centage Integration Services Team will work to connect to your site and push the data over to our application Planning Maestro. The time this takes to complete can vary, so please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Once completed, we will notify our Consultants to begin validating the data and they will reach out if necessary.

If you have any questions in regard to the above, please email Integration@Centage.com.



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