CIF Processing Error - Null Pointer Exception

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When reviewing CIF errors in Sumo the following error may appear:

2021-06-08 06:53:12:606 [http-nio-8080-exec-81] [INSTID:i-0d4b1b5e1c2c757f5] [ACCT:udhgroup] [UNAME:N162344_integration] [RID:3bbbf029-1a95-4a2a-b55a-ca16515785e4] ERROR c.c.controller.UploadCIFController - null
java.lang.NullPointerException: null



When you query by the Request ID (RID) and look at the commands, verify the profile that is being used. The command below will return the following log:


3bbbf029-1a95-4a2a-b55a-ca16515785e4 uploadToS3 with Profile

This will return the following:

2021-06-08 06:53:12:606 [http-nio-8080-exec-81] [INSTID:i-0d4b1b5e1c2c757f5] [ACCT:udhgroup] [UNAME:N162344_integration] [RID:3bbbf029-1a95-4a2a-b55a-ca16515785e4] INFO c.c.controller.UploadCIFController - uploadMultipart(): Before: uploadToS3 with Profile: < Select Profile >, BatchId: ae7a6b3f-5fe8-4cdf-990b-517b33e237b5


< Select Profile > is the default picklist item in the CDI Upload tab and if that is selected inadvertently and uploaded to, this will cause the error. 


Steps to Resolve:

Contact the client and advise them to select a valid profile in the CDI Upload screen


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