Setting or Updating a QuickBooks source connection in CDI

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CDI relies on special authorization from QuickBooks in order to facilitate repeated connections. This is done by logging into the Quickbooks Company File you wish to upload to Planning Maestro as a QuickBooks Admin, changing QuickBooks to Single User Mode, and then opening CDI and connecting to the QuickBooks Company File. Once this login is done for the first time CDI saves the authentication and uses it in subsequent connections. 


This process may need to be repeated if QuickBooks updates, or Company Files are changed.

To grant CDI access to extract data from a QuickBooks Company file (QBW), do the following:

  •  Locate and Open the desired QuickBooks Company file. This should file should use the .qbw file extension. 
  • Log into QuickBooks as the Admin user.
  • Once the file has loaded, click the File tab at the top of the screen and Switch to Single User Mode (if you only see Switch to Multi User Mode you are probably already in Single User mode)
  • Leave QuickBooks open and launch the CDI application.
  • On the Configuration tab, click Load and select your CDI Preferences file.
    • Note, CDI will attempt to connect automatically. If you are repairing a connection that was previously working and the QBW file's name has changed you will see a connection error again, If this happens click Ok through the errors and proceed.
  • Click the Source tab in CDI.
  • Under Choose Provider select QuickBooks if it is not already selected. 
  • Under Choose File select the ... button.


  • Find the QuickBooks Company File (QBW File) and select it.   
  • Click the Connect Button in CDI
  • A QuickBooks Certificate window should appear, Select 'Yes, always allow access even if QuickBooks is not running' and set Login as: to Admin 

QuickBooks Will Not Display Certificate to Authorize Amicus Connection –  AbacusNext-Client Services 

  • Then Click Continue
  • On the Access Confirmation screen click Done
  • You should now be taken back to CDI, click Connect
  • CDI should now show status Connected

If CDI is now showing Status - Connected you will be able to proceed with the extraction and Upload. 

You can save the settings by closing CDI. Once that is done you can switch QuickBooks back to Multi User Mode and log out of the Company file. Depending on your environment you may have to log out of the Company file before attempting the Extract.

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