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We're transitioning to a new User Interface, and are in the process of updating Help Hub content to match the new interface.

Home Page Overview

The Home Page serves as the first page you see upon logging into Centage.  This page provides important and timely information while you are using the program.  It can also be accessed from any point within the program by clicking on the Home menu icon in the left-side navigation main menu and the Current Plan Name link in the header.

  • Plan Selection Widget - The Plan Selection widget will display the current plan and give you the ability to change plans if necessary.  Depending on your user’s security settings, the current profile may also be displayed.
  • Latest Plan Deployment Widget - The Latest Plan Deployment widget will display information about the most recent plan deployment so you can confirm you are working with the most up-to-date data.
  • Latest Cube Deployment Widget - The Latest Cube deployment widget will display the details of the most recent cube deployment.
  • What’s New Widget - The What’s New widget will display information from Centage regarding products, marketing, and promotions.  
  • Plan Name Link in Header: The currently selected plan is displayed in the Header, so you’ll always know which plan you are working on.  The current plan displayed also serves as a link to the Home Page, to allow you to quickly navigate to the Plan Selection widget to change the plan you are working on if multiple exist.

  • Notifications: The bell in the header serves to display notifications.  

  • Main Menu: The Main Menu in the left-hand navigation can be accessed from any page in the application.  The menu consists of Modules and their sub-menus. To optimize efficiency, users can navigate with one click to any item in a module’s sub-menu.


  • Profile(s)
  • Source Data
  • Base Structures
  • Dimensions
  • Deploy Plan

Worksheets (formerly Planning) 

  • Operating Expenses
  • Revenue
  • Personnel
  • Drivers
  • Adjustments

Automation (formerly Financial Intelligence Setup) 

  • Spread Methods
  • Increase / Decrease Methods
  • Allocation Methods
  • Tiered Rates
  • Default Settings
  • Payment Schedules
  • Receivable Schedules
  • Work / Pay Schedules
  • Recognition Schedules

Tools (formerly Data Tools sub-menu in Planning and Financial Intelligence Setup)  

  • Copy Data / What If?
  • Clear Data
  • Quick Assign
  • Quick Start
  • Deploy Cube
  • Forecast
  • Audit Log
  • Job Status
  • Workflow (if enabled)


  • Report List
  • Charts and Graphs

Setup Menu Items 

The lower portion of the navigation menu contains several modules that allow you to access resources and various settings depending on your security.



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