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The Job Status page provides a quick and efficient window into what Centage has completed, and what is still in progress.  Depending on the complexity of your data, actions within Centage may vary in processing times. Rather than waiting for a job to complete, you will be able to check the Job Status screen for updates.


Where do I find the Job Status Page?

The Job Status page can be accessed by all users via the clipboard icon in the header bar, next to the notification bell.


What is displayed on the Job Status page?

The Job Status table will display a list of jobs and their status along with key details for currently pending jobs and any jobs that have been completed within the last 48 hours such as plan or cube deployments.  


The Status will be displayed for the following jobs:

  • Plan Deployment
  • Cube Deployment
  • Data Imports
  • Copy Data
  • Clear Data
  • Quick Start
  • Quick Assign
  • Setup Objects
  • Delete Forecast
  • Refresh Forecast
  • Create Forecast
  • CIF Upload


By default the Job Status table will return a list of jobs with the the following statuses:

  • All Statuses
  • Running
  • Failed
  • Completed


The Status filter above the Job Status table, allows you to filter the list of jobs returned by selecting a status from the dropdown followed by the Refresh button.  Clicking on the Refresh button will refresh the jobs returned below depending on your selection.


By default, the Job Status page returns a list of jobs initiated within the last 48 hours by all users within your account. To display only those jobs that pertain to your user, toggle “on” the Show Only My Jobs toggle and click the Refresh button.  The toggle will display as green to indicate that it is on.


The Job Status table provides the ability to sort the list of jobs returned, by clicking on the column header for each of the following columns:

  • Job Status
  • Job Type
  • Profile
  • Plan
  • User
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Duration
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