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Planning Maestro’s budget Workflow feature enables your budget team to collaborate and communicate as you build your company’s budget. Administrators can create Workflows, send various budget Assignments to different budget contributors, and then review submitted Assignments for approval or to request revisions.

Occasionally, you may find that two separate Versions (scenarios) of your budget require some of the same Assignments.

Example.png Example: You have two Versions for what-if scenarios: Scenario A if you give all employees a 3% raise, Scenario B if you hire five more employees. You need to assign identical budget Assignments to accountants for both these Versions.

First, create a Workflow for Scenario A. Then, copy this Workflow and create a new Workflow for Scenario B. You can add different Assignments to both the original and the copied Workflow.

This document shows you, an Administrator, how to copy Workflows in Planning Maestro.

Info.png Please Note: When you copy a Workflow, you create a new (copied) Workflow. You cannot copy Assignments between two existing Workflows.

Locating Workflow

To copy a Workflow, open the Tools module and select Manage Workflows.

Info.png Please Note: If you don’t see the Manage Workflows option here, contact Centage Support. The Workflow Dashboard only opens after you finish the necessary setup.

The Workflow Dashboard page opens.

Copying Workflows

Step 1: On the Workflow Dashboard page, next to the Workflow with Assignments you want to copy, click on the Copy icon ( Copy_Workflow_icon.png ).

Step 2: A Copy Workflow page opens. Enter the following information in the fields provided:

  1. Name – The default name for this new, copied Workflow is [Original Workflow Name] Workflow Copy [number of copies]. You can change the name to reflect the purpose of the copied Workflow.
  2. Description – The default description is the same description as the original Workflow. You can change this description to match the new, copied Workflow if needed.
  3. Destination Version – Click on this dropdown menu and select a Version for this new, copied Workflow.
  4. Dimension (disabled) – Leave this option as it is. The Assignments you are copying are already assigned to specific Dimensions.
  5. Due Date – Select a due date for this copied Workflow.
  6. Assignments – This table displays all the Assignments that will be copied to the new Workflow. To remove Assignments from the copy, select them and click Remove Selected. You can also select Remove All to remove all Assignments from the copy.

Info.png Please Note: Your Security settings may limit the number of Assignments that can be copied. For example, a user may have permission to access a certain Dimension in the original Workflow’s Version but not in this  copy’s Version. You can see the number of Assignments copied from the source at the bottom of the table.

Step 3: To finish the copy, click Save.

The Workflow Dashboard page reopens.

  • A confirmation message appears.
  • The copied Workflow appears in the list.
  • The copied Assignments appear in the table below.

You can manage Assignments for this new, copied Workflow.


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