Scheduled Plan Deployments

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Scheduled Plan deployment allows Centage Administrators to schedule a plan to deploy automatically in order to utilize the most recently imported actuals.  This feature is available to entities with an Enterprise-level subscription to Centage.

Once you enable this feature, you will select the frequency at which this will run as well as a time frame.  You can select daily or weekly.  Then you will select the time window.  If you choose weekly, you will need to select which day of the week. 

This overview will guide you, a Centage Administrator, through the process of setting up a scheduled Plan deployment.

Navigate to Deploy Plan

Select the Plan

Toggle on Enable Scheduled Deployment

Deployment Schedule options are displayed

Select the Frequency

Please Note: In order to guide you for what time you select, the timing for when the most recent data upload completed is displayed.  You will also see an average time for processing your plan deployments for the previous 30 days.

Click the button for Deploy Daily or Deploy Weekly


Click the drop-down menu to select the Time Window

Best Practice: We suggest that you select a Time Window that will assure that your data upload is completely processed before initiating the Plan deployment.


Click the drop-down menu to Select Day of the Week

Click the drop-down menu to select the Time Window

Click Save

You will now see an icon on the Plan card indicating that the plan has been enabled for a scheduled deployment.

You can disable scheduled Plan deployments by toggling the option off.

Please Note: You will still need to address any Base Structure member changes as indicated by the Notification Bell.




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