Managing Source Data

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In Planning Maestro, you may need to manually upload a CIF file, delete previously uploaded data from your GL or you may wish to manage how Planning Maestro handles data uploaded from your GL for new or changed Base Structure members.  The Source Data page in the Modeler module is where you are able to complete these tasks.

The Source Data page is accessed in the Modeler module. See Locating the Modeler Module

Locating the Source Data Page

Open the Modeler module and confirm the Connected Profile.

Select the Source Data icon ( Source_data.png ) on the left navigation bar.

The Source Data page opens.

There are three tabs on the Source Data page relating to management of data uploaded to Planning Maestro.

  1. Upload Data – Manage data upload settings and upload CIF files. See Upload Data
  2. Data Update Rules – Indicate preference for handling data updates for data uploaded. See Managing Data Update Rules
  3. Data Maintenance – Delete data that has been previously uploaded. See Using the Data Maintenance Page
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