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When a data upload from your company’s GL Source to Planning Maestro includes a new Base Structure Member (such as a new GL Account in the Account Number Base Structure) any user with access to the Data Modeler receives a notification. Depending on your company’s account setup, the first user to open the Data Modeler after a Base Structure update may need to accept all changes before the new Member(s) are available for deployments.

This document shows you, a Planning Maestro user, how to:

  • Review changes to Base Structures.
  • Accept or deny these changes.
  • Update Account Number Dimensions when the change is a new GL Account.
  • Add accepted changes to your Plan by re-deploying.

Info.png Please Note: A best practice is to check for these notifications daily, to make sure you review and accept or deny all changes as soon as possible.

Reviewing Notifications

Step 1: To review new Base Structure Membersopen the Data Modeler module, connect to your Profile, and check the top right corner of the page to see if there is a blinking yellow dot next to the Notifications icon ( Notification.png ). This yellow dot shows that at least one new Base Structure Member came in with the most recent file upload.


Step 2: If there is a blinking yellow dot, select Manage Base Structures to see the new Member(s).


The Base Structures page opens. Base Structures with new Members display a blinking yellow dot.


Step 3: Click on the first Base Structure with the blinking yellow dot and scroll to the bottom. Review the new Members listed there.


Step 4: Accept or reject these new Members.

  • To accept a new Member, click the Select icon ( Little_checkmark_checked.png ) next to its name.
  • To reject the new Member, click the Reject icon ( Small_x.png ) next to its name.

You can accept or reject all changes at once by clicking Accept All Changes or Reject All Changes.


All changes you accept update the Dimension(s) created from this Base Structure.

  • If the change you accepted was a new GL Account, use the following section to finish the updates for this change.
  • If the change you accepted was any other new Base Structure Member that updates a Dimension (such as a new department, project, program, customer, etc.), add this new Member to the correct Dimension Hierarchies. See the following section for an example.

Updating GL Account Number Dimensions

If the Base Structure change you accepted was a new GL Account, you need to make two more updates to implement this change:

  1. Assign the correct Account Group (Asset, Liability, Expense, Revenue, Equity, etc.) to this GL Account.
  2. Assign the GL Account to the correct Hierarchies within its Dimension.

Assigning an Account Group

Step 1: To assign the correct Account Group to this new GL Account, open the Data Modeler module. On the Data Modeler landing page, select Manage Dimensions.


Step 2: The Dimensions page opens. Select the Dimension containing the new GL Account. In the Name column, enter the name of the new GL Account in the search field and press Enter.


Step 3: The new GL Account appears in the table. In the Account Group column, click Undesignated.


Step 4:  A dropdown menu of Account Groups appears. Select the correct Account Group for this new GL Account.


Step 5: Click Save.


A confirmation message appears.


Assigning a Hierarchy

Step 1: To assign the new GL Account to the correct Hierarchies within its Dimension, on the Dimensions page, open the Hierarchies tab for that Dimension.


Step 2: The Hierarchies tab opens. Select the Edit icon ( Edit.png ) next to the Hierarchy this new GL Account should belong to.


Info.png Please Note: Depending on the type of GL Account this is, you may have to add it to more than one Hierarchy.

  • If this is an Income Statement GL Account, assign it to all appropriate Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet Hierarchies.
  • If this is a Balance Sheet GL Account, assign it to a Balance Sheet Hierarchy.

Step 3: The Hierarchy opens. In the Available Members section, scroll down to the new GL Account and select its name. Click the Add icon ( Add.png ) to add it to the Hierarchy.


Step 4: Click and drag the new GL Account to the correct place in the Hierarchy.


Step 5: Click Save.


  • Add this new GL Account to any other Hierarchies it should belong to (in this Dimension or other Dimensions).
  • Repeat the previous steps for all new GL Account Members.
  • Then, use the following section to update your Plan(s) with these new Members by re-deploying.

Re-Deploying Your Plan

To add the Base Structure Member changes to your Plan, deploy the Plan with the updated Dimension(s).

Step 1: Open the Data Modeler module. Select Deploy Data Model.


Step 2: The Deploy Data page opens. Click on the title of the first Deployment that includes the updated Dimension(s).

Info.png Please Note: Select the title of the deployment, not the Deploy button. If you select the Deploy button, the Plan re-deploys right away without giving you time to make any changes.


Step 3: The Dimension’s information opens in a pane on the right. Click Select Dimensions.


Step 4: The Select Dimensions page opens. Click Select Data Version.


Step 5: The Select Data page opens. Under Select Data Version:

  • If you need to update your Plan with both Actuals and new Members, select your Actuals Version.
  • If you only need to update your Plan with Members or Hierarchy changes, do not select your Actuals.


Step 6: To deploy your Plan, click Deploy.


Step 7: Click Confirm.


The Plan is updated with the new Dimension Members.


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