Analytics Maestro: Working in Excel

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Analytics Maestro is Centage's plug-in to Excel, where you can analyze your Planning Maestro data (actuals, budget, and any what-if scenarios you have created). After setting up Analytics Maestro and connecting to your Planning Maestro Cube, you can run reports to analyze your data.

You can use the following Excel tools to customize your Analytics Maestro reports:

Dragging Dimensions directly on the sheet

Analytics Maestro reports are structured by Headers (the main filters), Columns, and Rows. Each Row and each Column can contain one Dimension.

One Dimension can be in Rows or in Columns, but not in both at the same time. For example, your Account Number Dimension can only be in either Rows or Columns (most users put it in Rows).

Copying sheets within a workbook or to other workbooks

To further analyze a report without changing its structure, you can copy sheets within a workbook or to a different workbook. Right-click on the tab you want to copy, click Create a Copy, and use the dropdown menu to select which workbook to copy to.



Copying valid ranges and Members to other sheets

To copy valid ranges and Dimension Members to other Excel sheets, make sure the sheet you're copying the data to is connected to the same Cube. Open the Report Designer in both sheets to make sure you are connected to the same Cube. 

Isolation Actions – Keep Members

You can "isolate" or keep only certain Members of a report by using the Keep Members button. When you select one or more Dimension Members and click Keep Members, Analytics Maestro keeps those Members and removes the rest from the report. 

The selected Members must be in either Rows or Columns (not in Headers) in Report Designer. To use the Keep Members function, select the Member(s) you want to analyze further and click Keep Members.


The Members you selected remain in the report.isolation-actions-keep-members-b


Watch Intro to Report Designer Video

Watch Additional Report Designer Tabs Video

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