Analytics Maestro: Custom Members


Analytics Maestro is Centage's plug-in to Excel, where you can analyze your Planning Maestro data (actuals, budget, and any what-if scenarios you have created). After setting up Analytics Maestro and connecting to your Planning Maestro Cube, you can run reports to analyze your data.

The Custom Member Manager in Analytics Maestro allows you to create your own calculated members that can be defined on any Excel worksheet and subsequently be selectable for any part of the report, as if they’re a member of a dimension in the Cube.

The Custom Member list shows the existing Custom Members and their Dimensions.

The Custom Member Manager also controls the order of calculation. It is calculated top-down. Ratios, for example, should be calculated last.

Step 1: To manage your Custom Members in Analytics Maestro, connect to your Cube, click on the Analytics Maestro tab, and select Customer Member.


The Custom Member Manager window opens.


Step 2: Choose – Add New and name your custom member as you want it to appear on your report.custom-memebers-b

Step 3: Choose Select Dimension – This launches the Dimension Selector dialog. Select the Dimension that the Custom Member should appear in. This is typically determined by what other members it goes with on a report. For example, the Variance P01 vs P02 that appears above is a calculation of Months, so it should appear in the Periods Dimension.


Step 4: Then select Add and choose the first member of your formula.

Step 5: Then select a function (i.e., +, x, – or /).custom-memebers-e

Step 6: Then insert your second Member of the formula.custom-memebers-f

Step 7: Your new Custom Member will appear in the Custom Member list, with existing Custom Members and the Dimension they were defined under.custom-memebers-g

Step 8: When you choose a Member with the same Dimensions as your formula, your Custom Member appears at the top of the Member list in blue.



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  • I’m looking for a way, in Analytics, to bring in all account numbers that begin with “62020” (like I can do using Excel function). Is there a way to do this without having to create yet another hierarchy in Planning Maestro that I will have to maintain?

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  • Hi Jennifer, thank you for your question! Building a Hierarchy in Planning Maestro is the most efficient way of creating a report in Analytics Maestro, which would also allow the report to foot to a total.

    If you want to, you can pull a report with the Account Number Master or your own P&L Account Hierarchy and use an Excel filter to pull the accounts you need.

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