Analytics Maestro: Double-Click Actions

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Enabling the Double-Click Feature

Double-Clicking to Change Report Headers

Double-Clicking to Drill Through and Explore Further

Analytics Maestro is Centage's plug-in to Excel, where you can analyze your Planning Maestro data (actuals, budget, and any what-if scenarios you have created). After setting up Analytics Maestro and connecting to your Planning Maestro Cube, you can run reports to analyze your data.

One formatting tool you can use in your Analytics Maestro reports is the Double-Click feature, which enables you to "zoom in" or expand certain cells. For example, you could double click on a column header for the year 2023 and expand it to display Q1-Q4 of 2023.

This document shows you, an Analytics Maestro user, how to enable and use the Double-Click feature.


Enabling the Double-Click Feature

To enable the Double-Click feature, right-click on any cell in the report, hover over Analytics Maestro in the dropdown menu, and select Enable Double-Click so that a checkmark appears next to the option.


The Double-Click feature is enabled. Now, you can double-click on a cell in your report to expand it.

Example.png Example: Double-click on the All Years column in this report:


The All Years column expands:



Double-Clicking to Change Report Headers

The Headers of your report act as filters for the whole report: for example, if your Department Dimension is one of the Headers, you can filter it to show only data related to one department. You can double-click on any Header to select a different Member of the Hierarchy to filter the report.


Step 1: Double-click on one of your Headers:



Step 2: The Member Selector window opens. Select a new Member of the Hierarchy to use as a filter for the report. Then, click OK.


The report refreshes with the new Header.



Double-Clicking to Drill Through and Explore Further

You can use the Double-Click feature to drill through or zoom in, on a cell in your report to analyze issues or opportunities that contribute to that cell's amount. This Drill-Through function displays the lowest level of data in the Cube that contributed to that amount. It places this data on a neighboring Excel worksheet.


Step 1: To drill through on one data cell, double-click on that cell.



Step 2: The Drill Through - Selection window opens. Click Finish to export this drill-through data to a new worksheet.


The drill-through data opens on a new worksheet.


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