Analytics Maestro: Isolation Actions

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Analytics Maestro is Centage's plug-in to Excel, where you can analyze your Planning Maestro data (actuals, budget, and any what-if scenarios you have created). After setting up Analytics Maestro and connecting to your Planning Maestro Cube, you can run reports to analyze your data.

Isolation Actions – Remove Members

The Remove Members function removes all occurrences of the selected Member or Members and keep the rest on the report. The selected members must be in an axis, or in other words, not Page Header members.
This function will allow you to quickly remove the members you don’t want to display. Using this function in concert with the double-click Zoom-In, you can rapidly focus in on any part of a Cube. Note that the revised report data is automatically re-populated after this action.isolation-actions-remove-members-a

Note that you can also use Excel to delete rows or columns to remove members, but you‘ll have to do it yourself for all occurrences.

Whether all occurrences of the selected members are kept is determined by the Report Options>Navigate>Keep/Remove option. It defaults to All Occurrences.




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