Analytics Maestro: Building Asymmetrical Reports

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Analytics Maestro is Centage's plug-in to Excel, where you can analyze your Planning Maestro data (actuals, budget, and any what-if scenarios you have created). After setting up Analytics Maestro and connecting to your Planning Maestro Cube, you can run reports to analyze your data.

To build an asymetrical report in Analytics Maestro, start with a report that has a nested dimension. To create asymmetry, do one or more of the following:

  1. Use “Member Selector” to select the desired member(s) on the nested dimension, or
  2. Drag and drop dimension members within the same sheet, or
  3. Copy and paste dimension members from a different sheet connected to the same cube.building-asymmetrical-reports-a
  4. Use “Replicate” to duplicate a report for different elements of a Header dimension.mceclip0.png
  5. Use “Refresh all” to refresh all Analytics Maestro reports in a workbook.mceclip1.png


Watch Intro to Report Designer Video

Watch Additional Report Designer Tabs Video

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