Deploying Cubes from Financial Intelligence Setup

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Locating Cubes

Setting Up the Cube

Deploying the Cube

Planning Maestro Cubes are read-only views or displays of data you can examine in Excel using Analytics Maestro (an add-on to Excel).

Info.png Please Note: A Centage Cube is like a Rubik’s cube: it enables you to study your data from multiple angles, from the smallest details to the broadest overviews.

You can deploy (publish) Cubes through the Modeler or Tools.

  • Cubes deployed through the Modeler contain only data from your GL Source (usually just your Actuals, but sometimes budgetary data from your GL Source).
  • Cubes deployed through Tools contain source data and information from your Planning Maestro Plan.

Cubes from the Modeler

Cubes from Tools


• Data from your GL Source.


• Data from your GL Source.

• Data from your Planning Maestro Plan.


This document shows you, a Planning Maestro user, how to deploy a Cube from the Tools module.

Info.png Please Note: When you deploy from Tools, you are deploying from one Plan, using that Plan’s Dimensions.

Locating Cubes in Tools

To deploy a Cube from the Tools module, open the Tools module and select Deploy Cube

The Deploy Cube page opens. Use this page to set up and deploy your Cube.

Setting up Your Cube

Step 1: To deploy a new Cube, on the Deploy Cubes page, click + New Deployment.

Step 2: A New Deployment panel opens on the right.

Step 3: Enter the following information in the fields provided:


Name – Enter a name for this Cube that you and other users can easily recognize.

Description (Optional) – Enter a description for this Cube.

Cube Name – Enter a display name for this Cube. This name appears as the SQL Server Database when you need to connect to this Cube to examine it through Analytics Maestro.


Please select the appropriate version(s) to be included in this Cube as prompted by the "Select Data Version" list. 



Apply Planning Maestro User Security

  • To restrict users in Analytics Maestro according to their Security settings in Planning Maestro, leave this toggle switch in the ON position.
  • To enable any user to see this Cube, click on this toggle switch to turn it to the OFF position.

Info.png Please Note: A user must be set up in Planning Maestro before you can restrict their use of Analytics Maestro

Include Transaction Details – 

  • To include data for individual transactions, click on this toggle switch to turn it to the ON position.
  • To include only summary data, leave this toggle switch in the OFF position.


Do Not Include Personnel Details – This toggle switch appears if you turned the Include Transaction Details toggle switch ON.

  • To exclude Personnel information (such as employee salaries and other confidential information) from this Cube, turn this toggle switch to the ON position.
  • To include all Personnel information in this Cube, leave this toggle switch in the OFF position.

Step 4: To save this Cube, click Save & Exit.


  • Your Cube is saved.
  • A confirmation message appears.

Deploying Cubes

After you save your Cube, deploy it to study it in Analytics Maestro.

Info.png Please Note: You should also re-deploy your Cube whenever you make changes to your Plan.

Warning.png Please Note: Before you deploy, close out of Excel on your desktop. If you have Excel open online, log out and then close the program.

To deploy your Cube, on the Deploy Cube page, click Deploy next to the name of the Cube.

The deployment begins.

  • Your Cube is deployed.
  • The Cube displays the date and time when it was Last Modified and Last Deployed.
  • A confirmation message appears.
  • Now, you can connect to this Cube and analyze it in Analytics Maestro.

Info.png Please Note: Whenever you make changes to your Plan, you should re-deploy it by repeating the previous steps.

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