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Planning Maestro’s Workflow feature helps you coordinate budget-planning and building with your team. Each budget Workflow is made up of multiple budget Assignments (for example, creating the Operating Expenses budget for the Marketing department).


This document shows you, a Planning Maestro Owner how to complete and submit budget Workflow Assignments.

Completing Assignments

When your Administrator sends you a budget Assignment, you receive an email that tells you:

  • The name of the Workflow.
  • The application for your Assignment (Operating Expenses, Revenue, Personnel, Drivers, or Adjustments).
  • The Dimension Member(s) you need to budget for.


To start, click on the link in the email, or open the Planning module and select Manage Workflow.


Info.png Please Note: If you don’t see the Workflow option here, contact your Administrator.

Step 3: The Workflow Dashboard opens. In the Workflow section, select the name of the budget Workflow that contains your Assignment(s).


Step 4: In the Your Workflow Assignments section, the Assignments you have in this Workflow appear. Next to the Assignment you plan to complete, select View.


Step 5: The application for this Assignment opens (Operating Expenses, Revenue, Personnel, Drivers, or Adjustments). Make sure each of your Dimensions is filtered for the correct Member, especially the Version Dimension, which should be the correct Version for this Workflow (visible on the Workflow page).


Step 6: Use this application to add or edit Data Projections (line items) in your budget. When you finish, return to the Workflow Dashboard page by reopening the Planning module and selecting Manage Workflow.


You may receive a Reminder email to complete and submit this Assignment.


Submitting Assignments

Step 1: Use this application to add or edit Data Projections (line items) in your budget. When you finish, return to the Workflow Dashboard page by reopening the Planning module and selecting Manage Workflow.. Select the correct budget Workflow. In the row for this Assignment, click the Submit icon ( Submit_assignment.png ).


You can also submit multiple Assignments at once by marking the checkbox on the left and clicking Submit.


Step 2: A confirmation message appears. Click Yes, Submit Assignment.

Info.png Please Note: The content of this message changes if you are submitting the last Assignment you have for a Workflow. If this is your last Assignment for this Workflow, you can no longer edit the budget Version in this Workflow.


Message if this was the last Assignment you had for this budget Workflow:


  • A confirmation message appears.
  • The Assignment is submitted. An Administrator receives a notification email to review the assignment.
  • The Administrator will either approve the Assignment or Request Revisions.


Info.png Please Note: If your Administrator requests revisions for this Assignment, you will be able to edit it and resubmit.

Email you receive if your Administrator requests revisions:


Email you receive if your Administrator approves the Assignment:


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